KMB Enterprises LLC home theater instalation

Home Automation Systems

KMB Enterprises home automation systems are uniquely tailored to your requirements, integrated
for control and convenience. We offer a full range of home and security automation systems to
provide the best in innovative home technology. We bring together

  • Lighting
  • Climate control
  • Surround Sound Audio
  • Home Security
  • and more in a single, simple to operate system that can be controlled from home or remotely from your iPhone anywhere in the world.

    Lighting Control Systems

    Our custom lighting control systems optimize your indoor and outdoor lighting needs with one-touch command control. With wall-mounted touch panels or remote control from your iPhone, our lighting control systems make it possible to adjust lighting and manage motorized draperies and window shades at any time from any location. Our lighting control systems pay for themselves in accumulated energy savings with most clients seeing up to 10% savings on energy bills every year..

    Climate Control Systems

    KMB Enterprises climate control automation enables you to manage and monitor the climate in each area of the home independently with touchscreens and hidden temperature sensors. This allows maximum control and comfort with maximum energy efficiency. With remote control capability you can even adjust the temperature when your away from home.

    Home Security Systems

    Our user-friendly home security systems allow you to protect and monitor your property over the internet from anywhere on the planet. Our systems protect your home and family while decreasing your insurance costs up to 20%. You can turn your system on or off from anywhere for complete control.

    Home Audio Systems

    Enjoy music in every room with our full fidelity whole house audio systems. Our home audio systems give you full control over your music from anywhere in your home with touch screens or your iPhone.

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